Automated Vendor Onboarding & Bank Account Verification

  1. Know Your Vendor
  2. Prevent Fraud
  3. Stay Compliant

Smarter, faster vendor data management

Secure Vendor Onboarding

Digitize and streamline the collection of vendor information.

Bank Account Validation

Validate bank account ownership, TIN and other details automatically. 

Self-Service Invoice Inquiries

Eliminate 80% or more of supplier inquiries with VendorInfo.

Automated Verifications

Mitigate your risk, fines and penalties from compliance violations.

VendorInfo Provides Best-In-Class Process Improvement

  • Fully automated verifications
  • Bank account ownership verifications
  • TIN verifications
  • OFAC & sanctions screening
  • Customized vendor forms
  • Secure vendor form submissions
  • Customized vendor approval workflows
  • Vendor self-service payment status inquiries
  • Automated vendor statement reconciliations
  • Comprehensive audit and operational reporting

Customer Reviews

“VendorInfo has been instrumental in helping us centralize our vendor registration process. The built-in tax guide has been extremely helpful, and the automatic TIN Matching and OFAC/SDN Compliance Checks have turned, what used to be a very manual process, into an easy way to help us validate our vendors.


– Global Consulting Firm

“I cannot thank you enough for your help. You all are truly great partners to work with. I’m so glad we chose VendorInfo.”


– Carolyn Goodman, American Senior Communities

“The implementation has streamlined communication with vendors,  allowing more time to focus on resolving issues as opposed to providing updates. I excitedly introduce it to all my vendors knowing that they’ll have a positive experience with the product.”


– Thomas Jefferson University

Efficient, Secure and Compliant Vendor Onboarding

VendorInfo makes it easy for suppliers to submit documents and information and see where they stand in the process and for your stakeholders to receive, review and approve supplier details.

Optimized Vendor Master Data Management

Transform Data Management

Stop chasing vendor documents, gain visibility into vendor activities, standardize your processes, eliminate vendor calls and emails, and deliver a better experience for vendors and stakeholders.

Reduce Fraud and Compliance Risk

Mitigate risk with automated bank account ownership validation, TIN matching, and sanctions screening against hundreds of government and industry watchlists.

Verify Vendor Master Data

Improve operational efficiency with configurable approval workflows, built-in automated verifications, and complete transparency into the supplier onboarding process.