Vendor Information Management Simplified
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Provide your vendors with self-service tools to answer invoice & payment status questions automatically.
Automate vendor onboarding and compliance—configured exactly to your needs.
Automated Vendor Portal

VendorInfo is easily configured to an organization’s business needs.

New vendor registration forms are effortlessly set up.
Many organizations are up and running with VendorInfo in as little as two weeks, with minimal IT involvement and no disruption to their existing business processes.
Organizations also can easily add vendor onboarding capabilities as their needs change.
Simplify & Streamline Vendor Onboarding

Vendor Onboarding

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Efficient, secure and compliant vendor onboarding

The VendorInfo solution smoothly initiates new supplier relationships by providing new-vendor registration forms, establishing credentials and providing orientation documents. It can also automate bank account verification W-9 and W-8 processing and TIN matching, and you can verify vendors against 30+ federal compliance lists, such as OFAC/SDN.

Verify the accuracy vendor information

VendorInfo accelerates supplier onboarding and reduces the risk of payment fraud and compliance issues with a self-service portal that automatically collects, validates, and manages supplier details.

Reduce fraud and compliance risk

VendorInfo helps organizations mitigate the risk of compliance issues.

  • W-9 and W-8 tax form processing
  • Tax identification number (TIN) matching
  • Automated bank account validation
  • Vendor verification against OFAC/SDN and 22 federal compliance lists

Simplify vendor onboarding

It’s easy for organizations of all sizes and across all industries to get start with VendorInfo – from universities and government agencies to high-velocity businesses and Fortune100 companies.

Automated Vendor Onboarding

Keep acquisition, launch and maintenance costs low.

VendorInfo’s SaaS-based delivery model means there are no pricey software licenses or servers to buy, and organizations will never pay for vendor onboarding features that they don’t use. VendorInfo’s is a standalone application that can be up and running in as little as two weeks, with little or no IT resources required.

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