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10 Questions to Ask When Considering a Vendor Self-Service Portal

Are you and your P2P colleagues tired of spending precious time answering invoice inquiry questions from your vendors and internal customers?

Are you ready to automate your vendor customer service with a self-service vendor portal application, and start reducing cost and improving productivity?

If so, following are 10 questions you should ask when considering a portal:

  1. How much IT time and cost will it take to implement the portal?
  2. How does data get from your ERP system to the portal? Many portals are tied into ERP systems. The risk is if your portal gets breached, your financial platform could be at risk. How will portal data be kept separate from internal financial systems to ensure security of the data?
  3. How does the user access invoice data? Depending on how password and user IDs are used, much of the time saved from not having to answer invoice-related questions could be re-spent answering password-related questions.
  4. Realistically, what is the average ramp-up time to get the portal installed and working properly?
  5. The key to a successful vendor self-service portal is getting vendors and internal colleagues to adopt it. What has been the experience of other portal users with regard to adoption?
  6. What is involved from the user’s side to access and use the portal? Do AP’s customers think that the portal is easier to access and use, than continuing to call and email accounts payable? The simpler the application, the better adoption will be and the fewer inquiries you will have to deal with.
  7. How much will the self-service portal cost up front and annually?
  8. If the module is part of an ERP system, how flexible is it? What is involved in customizing it for your organization?
  9. What are the costs to maintain the portal and keep it updated?
  10. Do vendors incur a cost to use the portal?

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