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Accounts Payable in the Age of Online Self-Service

Self-service is a key initiative in nearly every industry. From booking hotel and air travel to online banking and shopping, it’s a win-win for everyone and has become a way of life for all of us.

Self-service gives us the service we want quickly and easily without having to spend time on the phone listening to music while waiting for the next available representative. By the time you call an organization and answer all the questions they ask in the phone tree, you hope you can get to the correct person who can help with your needs. And, in the meantime, you may get redirected to someone else and hope that you aren’t disconnected. Or, have you sent emails to organizations asking for help only to find them unanswered? Or, the answers you do get go to your junk mail?

Self-service lets you complete your transaction in a fraction of the time spent waiting for a live person or an email response, and it’s hassle free.

So, can accounts payable join the self-service age to empower its customers, improve their experiences and cut costs? Many AP managers say yes! Instead of vendors calling or emailing accounts payable and buyers to find out if the invoice has been received, processed, approved or paid, they can go online to immediately get the information they need. Vendors and internal customers are happier because they can get answers right away and don’t have to spend time emailing or calling accounts payable, leaving messages and waiting for return calls or emails.  Studies show that accounts payable organizations can free up as much as 30% of their staff’s time and reduce cost per invoice by more than 10% with self-service.

Watch this informative 60-minute webinar to see if joining the self-service age can help you:

  • Provide timely responses to vendor questions at a fraction of the cost of manual customer service
  • Reduce the number of telephone calls, emails and faxes regarding invoice receipt and payment status that your AP staff handles
  • Improve internal and external customer service so the customer gets immediate response without having to spend time on hold, leave voice mails or follow up
  • Service all your accounts payable customers around the world immediately
  • Avoid the disruptions and headaches of dealing with vendor calls and e-mails
  • Increase AP staff productivity
  • Reduce FTEs or utilize existing staff for more high-level tasks such as operational analysis, spend analysis, vendor master cleansing, process improvements or resolving complex issues

Watch now to learn if joining the self-service age should be your next effort to improve AP productivity and slash costs, while improving AP customer service and communication.

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