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Effective Vendor Communications in Today’s Hyper-Connected World

Vendor Self-Service Portals - Keys to Reducing Costs

Over the last several years, vendors’ interactions with AP have changed significantly. One of the results of this change is increasing vendor expectations of accounts payable departments. Among other things, vendors want the ability to receive and deliver information now. They don’t want to call or email AP departments for invoice inquiries to be put on hold or have their calls returned days later. They want answers immediately. They don’t want to fill out paper onboarding documents or fax back paper W-8s and W-9s.

In addition to wanting immediate service from AP, today’s vendor representatives do not hesitate to contact senior management or post on social media to complain about relatively minor issues, often caused by the vendors themselves.

Watch this information-packed program to help you:
  • Understand today’s vendors’ expectations and how to manage them
  • Learn how to create service level agreements that work for AP
  • Develop tools to communicate more effectively with vendors
  • Learn how to deal with difficult personalities
  • Learn how to deal with difficult personalities
  • Discover qualities to look for when staffing vendor-facing positions — it may surprise you
  • Unravel the mysteries of vendor communication metrics

In some cases vendor expectations are out of control, but remember the customer always believes they are right, even when they are wrong. Watch this webinar to learn best practices for managing and communicating with your vendors to ensure a positive relationship with your vendors — a win-win for both parties!


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