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How a Vendor Self-Service Portal Helps Reduce Cost

How a Vendor Self-Service Portal Helps Reduce Cost


If you get a lot of calls and emails from suppliers asking about the status of their invoices and would like to reduce them by 80%, you’ll want to download this information-packed special report, How a Vendor Self-Service Portal Helps Reduce Cost, Increase Productivity and Enhance AP Customer Service. Supplier self-service is an AP best practice and changing the way AP departments do business. Are you ready?

Suppliers can’t be faulted for wanting to know this information. And, it is usually AP’s job to provide customer service between their company and their suppliers, as well as playing an important role in managing the relationships with those suppliers.

Automating AP customer service with a supplier self-service portal can reduce calls and emails and save costs and headaches while increasing productivity.

Key Things You Will Take Away from This Report:
  • Understand why you should consider a vendor self-service portal
  • Discover how a vendor self-service solution can help you
  • Review the 3 types of vendor self-service portals to choose from
  • Learn the real cost to answer supplier invoice-related inquiries
  • Identify what to look for in a supplier self-service portal
  • Find out 10 questions to ask when considering a vendor self-service portal

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