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Summer Reading: On Bingley, Darcy, and Going Ahead with It!

It’s summer reading time.

There is nothing like a good book on vacation. Of course you’re on vacation trying to forget about work. But there may be lessons in the pages of your novel to apply when you get back from vacation, particularly if your reading includes some classic Jane Austen!

Though we sometimes know what we want, we hold back because some influencer has dissuaded us.

As an example, perhaps you looked at vendor self-service inquiry in the past, maybe several years ago. It made your heart skip—imagine, an affordable application that would save your team a great deal of time answering questions that vendors could get for themselves! But a “Lady Russell” persuaded you that those kinds of applications had insufficient pedigree to warrant your connection — too new, unproven.

Or maybe a trusted friend has made observations or comments and held back the endorsement you looked for to the extent that you question your own inclination. Perhaps without looking too closely, they just didn’t think that application was going to help you get where you wanted to go.

Like Darcy’s misreading of Jane Bennett and subsequent subtle dissuading of his trusted friend Bingley. “Sure, customer service is important, but vendors?” They misread the simplicity and affordability of the app and conclude “Not a good match.”

But today vendor self-service invoice inquiry is tried and proven. Its fundamental benefits are established: time and cost savings for you; vendor satisfaction in getting what they want when they want it. And the application is simple, requiring little of your internal IT time. It is easy for your vendors to use, all while keeping your system secure. Now you have a second chance!

Wentworth has proved his mettle and earned his fortune, and Lady Russell has repented. And it turns out that Darcy is wrong: Miss Bennett is indeed in love with Bingley — has been all the while; and he shouldn’t have been interfering!

It’s time to confront the persuaders with the facts. Vendor self-service, specifically InvoiceInfo’s proven vendor self-service invoice inquiry application:

  • Sharply reduces inbound calls and emails regarding receipt and payment status
  • Frees up staff for higher value assignments by transferring the costly chores of responding to vendor invoice and payment inquiries to a secure, online location where vendors can access answers quickly and easily
  • Boosts productivity
  • Enhances supplier services and relationships
  • Eliminates distractions from vendor calls
  • Increases confidence in data, according to studies, when suppliers can access invoice and payment information themselves it eliminates concern that they’re being dismissed or stalled
  • Is used by internal vendor relationship managers for inquiries and invoice-related questions
  • Provides answers to invoice inquiries real time 24/7 with no need to leave messages and wait for responses
  • Has low IT impact on implementation
  • May reduce salaries, benefits, taxes, equipment, phone lines and more

Thus confronted, your former discourager may reply, “Yes of course. I never should have interfered! It was wrong of me and I must apologize.”

And you, along with Mr. Bingley, may reply, “Do you admit you were in the wrong?” to which your friend Darcy replies, “Utterly and completely.” (Ah, satisfaction!)

And then, as the movie version of the scene plays out:
Bingley: Then…I have your blessing?
Darcy: Do you need my blessing?
Bingley: No. But I should like to know I have it, all the same.
Darcy, smiling: Then go to it.
Bingley: Bring me my horse…at once. Quick, man!

Happy summer!

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Persuasion, Jane Austen

Pride & Prejudice, Jane Austen

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