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Vendor Inquiries

Provide your vendors with self-service tools to answer invoice and payment status questions and automatically reconcile their statements

InvoiceInfo Inquiry Self-Service

This module saves thousands of hours of valuable staff time by allowing vendors to look up invoice payment status instantly online, 24/7, without time-consuming emails or phone calls. Operation is simple, so staff and vendors adopt easily and quickly. Your staff will appreciate focusing on higher-value tasks. Your suppliers will value the ability to get cash-flow answers fast.

Choose only the invoice self-query features that fit your needs

  • Vendor self-service portal enables vendors to get answers to invoice inquiries instantly online—24/7
  • Customized so suppliers see only fields to which you allow access
  • Vendors can upload their invoices themselves
  • Simple log-in, simple to use: Helps ensure vendor adoption
  • Usage metrics reporting—helps you track and measure ROI
  • Statement reconciliation—allows suppliers to compare their account records with yours
  • Easily add additional capabilities as your needs change