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Vendor Self-Service Portals: Keys to Reducing Cost, Streamlining Vendor Onboarding, Increasing Productivity and Great Customer Service

Vendor Self-Service Portals - Keys to Reducing Costs

Now, suppliers with questions about invoice receipt and payment status can find the answers they need on the Web — without the need to interrupt valuable AP staff time! A self-service application can also help streamline your supplier onboarding. Watch this webinar to learn how a vendor self-service portal lets you free up your staff for more important tasks by transferring the handling of vendor invoice and payment inquiries and onboarding to a secure, self-service, online location where vendors can serve themselves — quickly and easily.

Watch this informative 60-minute webinar to explore how a self-service vendor portal can help you:
  • Provide timely responses to vendors questions at a fraction of the cost of manual customer service
  • Streamline vendor onboarding — a win-win for AP and vendors
  • Have your portal up and running quickly and inexpensively without large IT or ERP investments
  • Reduce the number of telephone calls, emails and faxes regarding invoice receipt and payment status that your AP staff handles
  • Improve vendor customer service so the supplier gets immediate response without having to spend time on hold, leave voice mails or follow up
  • Service all of your accounts payable customers 24/7 (perfect for global organizations)
  • Avoid the hassles and headaches of dealing with vendor calls
  • Save money and boost efficiency of your AP operations

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