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VendorInfo for Higher Education

VendorInfo delivers vendor data management solutions that save you time, reduce errors, standardize processes, and mitigate risk – all while delivering a better experience for stakeholders and suppliers.

Don’t let inefficiencies hold you back.

Your college or university has a lot riding on its supply chain.  But conventional approaches to collecting, verifying, and managing vendor data cost too much, take too long, create too many errors, frustrate suppliers and stakeholders, and increase risk of fraud and compliance issues.  Automating your vendor data management with the right solutions provider can get you to the head of the class.

Stop fraudsters in their tracks.

Colleges and universities are under siege from high-tech conmen determined to rip them off.  Outdated approaches to verifying bank account change requests leave you vulnerable to fraud.  Fortify your defenses with our automated solution for verifying bank account ownership.  Click here to learn more

Mitigate your risk of compliance issues.

Keeping pace with regulations, laws, and industry standards for matching ID numbers, verifying vendor information and screening vendors against watchlists is demanding.  You don’t have to go it alone.  VendorInfo has built-in information collections tools, verifications and validations, and systematic workflows that mitigate your risk of payment fraud and compliance violations.   

Explore vendor data management solutions built for colleges and universities:

Advance your vendor data management.

For more than two decades, we’ve helped colleges and universities improve the way they collect, verify, and manage vendor master data.