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VendorInfo for Law Firms

Vendor data management solutions that increase efficiency and mitigate risk for law firms.

With vendor data management solutions from VendorInfo, law firms can standardize their processes, know their suppliers, mitigate the risk of payment fraud, and stay compliant.

The risk of fraud is high – Are you prepared?

Law firms are under siege from high-tech conmen determined to rip them off.  Automated bank account verification from VendorInfo helps fortify your defenses against Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks, vendor impersonation, and other payment fraud schemes. 

Move your vendor data management processes forward.

You’re losing time and money to manual process, while straining supplier relationships.  VendorInfo delivers powerful solutions to help law firms automate vendor data management, enhance the experience they deliver to suppliers, and scale their operations with confidence.

Designed to align with the unique needs of law firms, we provide automated vendor data management solutions that include:

Bank account verification

Mitigate payment fraud risk by verifying the owner of a bank account in near real time.

Vendor verifications

Automate the collection, validation, and management of supplier details.

OFAC & sanctions screening

Ensure your organization doesn’t do business with entities on the OFAC list or other sanctions lists.

Self-service supplier inquiries

Eliminate calls and emails from suppliers about the status of invoices and payments.

VendorInfo has you covered – View Our Solutions

With a comprehensive suite of vendor data management solutions and a proven record of delivering exceptional results, VendorInfo empowers law firms and the people who work for them. 

Let’s connect to explore how we can help your law firm automate its vendor data management.

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