Vendor Data Management

Improve vendor onboarding, verification and vendor data management

VendorInfo offers the industry-leading platform for vendor onboarding, verification and vendor information management.

Digitize and streamline the collection of vendor information, accelerate approvals, mitigate risk and enhance communication and collaboration with suppliers and internal stakeholders.

Mitigate Risk and Ensure Clean Vendor Data

Mitigate risk and fraud and eliminate time-consuming, tedious manual procedures by automatically verifying bank account ownership, TINs, sanctions list screening, addresses and more. Ensure that only accurate, error-free information goes into your vendor master file.

Bank Account Verification

Validating bank account ownership is a critical part of the vendor onboarding process.

OFAC & Sanctions Screening

 VendorInfo can help ensure that your organization doesn’t do business with entities on the OFAC list or other sanctions lists.

TIN Verification

New vendors that complete a Vendor Information Form at the VendorInfo portal are validated against the IRS database and numerous federal lists.

Vendor Verifications

Reduce the risk of payment fraud and compliance issues with a self-service portal that automatically collects, validates and manages supplier details. 

icon showing a secure form on computer screen

Customized Forms

Know your vendors.

Easily collect all the information you need to onboard suppliers.  Customize vendor onboarding forms for your organization to meet your business needs.  Get insights that can deliver a competitive advantage and help your business grow.  And do it all without forcing suppliers to change the way they work.

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Secure Form Submissions

Protect sensitive documents and data.

  • Reduce the risk of confidential information and banking details falling into the wrong hands.
  • Securely manage forms throughout the vendor onboarding and vendor information management lifecycle.
  • Ensure that only authorized users access the information they need.
  • Log all actions taken during vendor onboarding.
  • Seamlessly upload vendor information to your ERP application.

Protect Confidential Information

  • Bank Account Details
  • Tax Identification Numbers
  • Social Security Numbers
  • Much More!
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Custom Approval Workflows

Accelerate critical processes.

Digitally route onboarding forms or changes to existing vendor details for approval based on your configurable business rules.  Create multiple workflows and levels of approval.  Easily collaborate on vendor management decisions.  Instantly see the status of approvals and act proactively to address any bottlenecks, red flags or missing information.  And track and monitor all approval actions.

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Secure Vendor Inquiries

VendorInfo provides suppliers with fast visibility into the status of invoices and payments, at any time.

The VendorInfo Difference

Trusted partners.

Prominent companies and government entities rely on VendorInfo’s innovations to onboard suppliers and manage vendor data.

Solutions for every organization.

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We have your back.

From manufacturers, law firms and universities to technology leaders, retail and media giants, our customers use our solutions to power their vendor onboarding and vendor data management.

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